Looking into the latest development in AAP about letting YY and PB out of PAC, I initially felt it was a decision in haste and not in good taste, so I did my own research – after looking into the statements and the points put forward by team and volunteers who worked hard for Delhi, this is the pic I got, which I am summarizing in the table below:



AK + Supporters

Want to make India better by getting rid of bad politics?



No difference between the two

How to achieve above

By fighting and contesting wherever possible and soon become nation wide. Defeat won’t demoralize party or volunteers.

By strategically fighting and focusing on winnable places first and convincing people that AAP can win and govern better

They differ in strategy. To me AK+’s method seems better if you look into the warfare history of the world

AAP should have contested in Haryana and MH for assembly election

Haryana yes, MH may be

Definitely No,

and they had majority in decision making

I think No was the right thing to do, else

Delhi wouldn’t have been possible

Accepted the above decision by Party?

Yes, but didn’t like it and were not convinced

Yes and followed it

Tried to dilute the AAP’s image to decentralized perceived power of AK?

Yes, they thought it was because everyone follows AK’s words not his reasons. So seems like they tried to dilute the AK’s image a bit (via various ways)

No, they were convinced by the strategy and were hopeful it will work better.

I think YY, PB, SB should have accepted from heart the final stand taken by the party

Worked day and night for Delhi elections’ win?

YY (most likely yes), PB (most likely no),

SB (no and acted against AAP)

Yes, had put all their energy and soul into it

How and why tried to dilute AK’s image/perception that he and his think-tanks are good strategists?

If AAP loses or doesn’t win Delhi, then the strategy team will be seemed as weak and their future arguments will not carry as much weight, and YY/PB/SB may have more say in strategy making moving forward

Not Applicable

To me this indicates high intelligence, but which sometime underestimates enemy’s devil nature (BJP here) and prefers big piece of small pie over small piece of big pie.

Was the PAC action needed?

Not sure

May be Yes

I think one strong message was important, but their removal may not have been required.

But good thing is  they may concentrate on other better roles now and let strategy be with those who have proved themselves so far

Can YY/PB/SB and AK+ work together?

May be

May be

I think they should. Its not just for AAP but required for India

Do they follow Party’s official Democracy and decisions? Seems not, if not convinced Yes, but most of the decisions are as per them, as they are in majority. But they do work very hard, with conviction and are very active.
Btw, beware of Media stories many of them are just purposefully and out of proportion misleading – seems like they just trying to dilute AAP.
And for the active members/office bearers of AAP, plz keep in mind – AAP is a medium not goal, Goal is “a better India!”

I have summed up some Frequently asked questions here, for AAP volunteers and supporters for information purpose. Hope it helps, preventing Criminals entering the Indian politics.

1) Why was it necessary for Arvind to resign after failure of Janlokpal Bill passage, with in 49 days?

The biggest beneficiary of his resignation is Delhi Janta.

Arvind had already promised he will resign if bill is not passed, as it would been useless for him to continue with his hands tied and not able to do anything for high level corruption.

If Arvind would NOT have resigned then there were only two possibilities:

1) Congress would have continued to support the AAP Govt. for next 5 yrs

This was highly unlikely scenario, but assuming this is true and AAP Govt would have survived for full 5 yrs but without passage of Janlokpal Bill and Swaraj bill, the two important promises for which most of the people support AAP.

Without the Janlokpal bill and no police in hand, they would not have been able to send any corrupt neta  or corrupt businessman to Jail.

Without the Swaraj bill Delhi govt. hands were tied and for getting passed the financial bills they would had to confront those 40 netas all the time, which didn’t even let Janlokpal bill tabled.

And in case of any major confrontation with Congress or BJP, their Govt. would have been pulled down at any time.

2) Congress would have discontinued their support to the AAP Govt. after Lok Sabha Elections

This is the most likely scenario, as Binny has already kind of joined BJP, so their strength is now 34 and buying 2 MLAs from Congress after the Lok Sabha election is no big deal, or even getting the Congress support once the Lok Sabha elections are gone would have been a very high possibility.

So, Delhi citizens would have to face the same problems everyday what they are facing now via BJP MCD (one of the most corrupt in all of ASIA, not just in India) and Congress govt.

In both the cases the idea of getting the Jan Lokpal bill and Swaraj would have been delayed by next 5 yrs.

So, instead of waiting for 5 yrs for something good to happen, it’s wise to go for re-poll now as AAP has close to 67% of public support in Delhi right now due to their 49 days of work. And as the election happens again they will win Delhi with full majority.


2) There is another line of thought that they should have tried to bring the Janlokpal Bill after approval of Governor

the people who really think this was possible, I feel are too innocent or they do not understand how the political class work in India.

To understand this first you have to understand what the main provisions in Janlokpal Bill are – I will highlight the main four here:

1) Lokpal (lok ayukta) has independent investigation agency (so no compromise in investigation due to corrupt police officials)

2) Speedy trial and strict jail terms for guilty (up to life in prison)

3) Confiscation of property of guilty and his/her immediate family members to recover 5 times the loss due to corruption (imagine Lalu had to pay Rs 5000 cr, instead of mere 5 lakhs penalty for Rs 1000 cr scam)

4) All the previous corruption cases (done by past govt., including that of past BJP govt and MCD) can be reopened and tried.


Just imagine you are a Neta and now have millions of dollars, all that plus your luxury bungalows, cars, jewelries, bank accounts, even of your kids and wife are going to be taken away… and you have to spend rest of your life in Jail (and as your money is taken away you will not have luxury in jail too), would you really support such a bill???

That was the only reason why Governor Clause was raised and so vigorously supported by BJP and Congress together, although the same clause allows the bill to be tabled and discussed and passed and then President can reject it on the technical grounds if found any. There are 15 plus bills in last 15 years that have already been passed this way and are functioning for many years now.

So expecting congress would have allowed the Governor thumbs up without compromising the bill and  that too in just few weeks  is too naïve… It’s more than 3 yrs and the whole parliament conceded to Anna’s demand once after Aug 16th anshan, but nothing has happened so far (other than some useless junk bill, which ex-Judges have already refused to be part of)

 3) Why did Arvind run away from Delhi?

He didn’t run away, he made sure to dissolve the assembly before resigning, so that the assembly polls can happen along with Loksabha polls to save money. And he is confident to come back with Majority.

But now congress is creating hurdles and BJP is happy about it, because both have intentions to join together to run Delhi after LokSabha elections, even Supreme Court has commented the same.  AAP has taken case to Supreme Court which has asked BJP to be clear if they are joining hands with Congress and SC after hearing BJP will decide on 31st March 2014.

 4) Who are the other candidates from other party for Constituency?

Please search on google to know more about each. In short:

  • From AAP Zero Criminal Candidates and all of them are well known for their honesty and integrity.
  • From BJP 37% Criminal candidates so far (crimes including – Rapes, Child abusing, Murders, Kidnapping etc.)
  • From Congress 28% Criminal candidates so far  (crimes including – Rapes, Child abusing, Murders, Kidnapping etc.)

You may like to visit http://www.adrindia.org to know more

 5) AAPs experience in Politics is very less

Well AAP may be new, but it is not exactly a party but a platform for people with integrity and character to come together and go to parliament to frame good laws and policies for us the Indians.

All the people and candidates in AAP are the people like you and me, who have been building India for past 67 years. Most of the candidates in AAP are renowned Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Professors, Scientists, Social Workers, RTI activists, Ex-Judges, Ex-Armymen, Honest Ex-Cops and other people who have done good for society in other fields.

The country is made better with good and honest policies in each and every field, and the people who are expert in their fields and are popular in people for their integrity and characters should be the ones who should be involved in making such policies.

And this can happen only if you send such expert and honest people into the Parliament.

If you expect good governance to come from the MPs and MLAs with criminal and corrupt background who have not done any good for past 67 years and who have no touch with the people’s life, and their main intention is the get the commission for each and every deal or policy they make, then may be we are expecting too, may be similar to expecting “Coconut” from a “Cactus” plant.


6) Isn’t AAP cutting the Votes of BJP and we need stable Government

May be its other way round, corrupts and criminals by hiding behind BJP/Congress symbols are cutting the votes of clean and honest people.

We have been told this for past 67 years, we have elected Congress, BJP and other similar parties, which all have one thing common and which is not found in any of the parties of developed nations (US, UK, Europe, Canada, Japan) – and it is that they have criminal and corrupt candidates.

However AAP has zero people with criminal background, or who are corrupt or not-honest or whose character is even questionable.

Congress (UPA) has a better history of providing stable government, they ran a successful govt. for past 10 years and before that for many other years, but what did they do to India?

Now these same MPs from UPA have joined NDA, do you really think they have joined NDA for doing good work? Or why have NDA allowed them to join in, because they have done good work when in UPA? For NDA and UPA politics mean numbers and to remain in power for every 5 years somehow.

For AAP politics mean doing good for India and its people. Uplifting the society and all its people  equally.


7) Won’t people in AAP become Corrupt?

Well AAP is carefully screening those, who have done well for their society and many of who had chance to make lot of money by dishonest means but they chose honest life.

AAP cancels the ticket of anyone who is found to be dishonest, corrupt or person with bad character. Right now the majority in Parliament if of those who are corrupt, criminals and dishonest, but when the majority of the people in Parliament will be honest we will have strict laws and conduct to remove dishonest or corrupt people from politics, similar to how the politics in most of the developed nation is.

(1) With JanLokpal any such person will land in jail very soon.

(2) With Swaraj, most of the finance related decision making power will go into people hand from politicians hand, which will anyway remove the motive of corruption from politics.

(3) Better education will help our new generation to make Politicians more responsible and accountable for their conducts.

8) I will wait for 5 years to give AAP the chance in next election instead of this election

You have already been waiting for 67 years, and have given chance to both Congress and BJP. When BJP couldn’t perform well under even one of the greatest PM of all time “Atal Bihari Vajpaye” (with ZERO red flags) then how do you expect it to perform it well under someone whose record is always dubious (with LOTS of RED flags) and who doesn’t want to come for public debate to answer any tough questions.

Whose, most of the claims are getting refuted by real facts. Example:

A) Claim – Gujarat farmers earn 7 times better then rest of India.

Facts – The avg. annual income per family per year from cultivation for farmers is this:

Punjab (Rs 33,864), J&K (29,112), Assam (Rs 21,504), Haryana (Rs 17,928), Maharashtra (Rs 15,156), Gujarat (Rs 13,968), Over all India (Rs 11,628)

800 Farmers took to suicide due to poverty in Gujarat. Gujarat govt. is snatching the land of farmers at very low prices and giving it away to few builders at throw away prices. Please refer http://www.forbes.com/sites/meghabahree/2014/03/12/doing-big-business-in-modis-gujarat/ for more details

B) Claim – Gujarat is best in Education with all hitech facilities

Facts – the school dropout rate in Gujarat is 58% more than India’s avg 49%. The govt schools are as bad as any other school in UP or Bihar (no sanitation, no proper drinking water, not enough teachers, in many schools not even basic infrastructure such as desk and chairs forget about being hi-tech) please search for Gujarat vs Gujarat report on google, and search for fact on BBC hindi and forbes.com Asia Chapter one of the recent documentary is here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrbtcRwcMSI

C) Claim – Infrastructure is great in Gujarat

Facts – the roads connecting most of the projects (Housing, commercial complexes and industrial complex) of the Adani’s and Ambani’s are really great. And the main beneficiary of this are those corporate houses, as their real-estate prices have shot up. However if you go to old Gujarat, where Adanis & Ambanis can not develop their Real-estate, there the roads are really bad, the people there get water 30 minutes a day, electricity is not 24 hrs, in many places there is not even a sewer line, the most basic necessity of people; most of the villages and small towns are almost same as that of any other state (Bihar, UP). Electricity and water problems exist in most of these places as in other states. Check this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrbtcRwcMSI

D) Claim – The Gujarat people’s income is one of the highest

Facts –

In Prosperity Index, Gujarat is 5th after (Punja, Kerala, Haryana, Karnataka, at par with TN)

In Equality Index – Gujarat is nowhere in pic in top 5 (Kerala, Punjab etc..)

In Per Capita Income – Gujarat is 3rd after Maharashtra and Haryana

So you see per capita income is high (3rd in India) but equality index is very low (No where seen), meaning the wealth is going in the hands of few

And the problem is wealth is not getting generated due to technical innovation but out of Land, Mines, Ores and Gas being given to private industries at throw away prices. And doing a lot of borrowing – The states public debt is expected to rise to 158,770 Crores in 2013-14, from the present 133,000 Crores.

And many more, e.g Wikileaks claim, Fake pics where London is shown as Ahemdabad etc etc

In short, 800 farmers have taken path of suicide because of lack of money, 2002 riots and more than 12 after that,  Modi’s cabinet has – convicted criminal (who is on bail for 3 yrs jail term), Ambani’s son-in-law has gas and mining portfolios…. list is very long…

9) Why AAP targeting only BJP not Congress

Congress has already lost its credibility after AAP and Anna exposed them. And AAP defeated them in Delhi elections. BJP has been falsely spreading lie that it is different than congress and is better for country. AAP wants to let people know that BJP and Congress are same, they do the same kind of politics and are funded by same Business families.

So whether you bring BJP or Congress, nothing will improve in India, BJP has 37% criminal candidates and Congress has 28%. And for 2014 poll, many UPA netas/allies have joined NDA.

India can change for better only if renowned and honest people among you and me go to the parliament, and to send them to Parliament we have to rely on our own reasons rather than getting influenced by Media or false propaganda of BJP or Congress.

10) Why AAP

To send clean, able and honest people in Parliament. And bring Janlokpal, and Swaraj so that Corruption becomes very risky and eating away of tax payers money becomes almost impossible due to swaraj and people will get the good infrastructure.

Policies to enhance, education, healthcare, to encourage honest business and encouraging Indian technologies to innovate to solve Indias’ defence and technology needs.

11) Vision of AAP

Give power to people to decide how their money should be spent for their Neighborhood. Corrupts and Criminals should be in Jail and not in Parliament.  Better Public Education and Healthcare for ALL!

With your support in Lok Sabha, AAP vows to try its best to get the bills, supporting the following core issues, passed in the Parliament of India:

 1)    Jan Lokpal BillNo compromise with corruption of any type. Right now the corruption is the most profitable and least risky affair. With this bill we will make corruption a very risky affair, in terms of very long jail terms and huge penalty – recovery of 5 times the corruption money from guilty.

2)    SwarajPeople must have say in how the government funds need to be spent for their neighborhood. Government employees and contractors must be held accountable to people not to just Netas.

3)    Decriminalization of PoliticsThe Rapists, Murderers, Child abusers and Corrupts belong to jail not to parliament. Unless we together do something these criminals in parliament will keep deciding about you and me and making laws for us to obey.

4)    Better Public EducationIn just few years, an educated generation can easily transform the society for goods in terms of art, literature, technology and economic development. We vision the government schools to be made at par with private schools so that the free and quality education will be available to all.

5)    Better Public HealthcareYou should not worry about not having insurance or being poor when you fall ill, it is the duty of government to help you get the best healthcare when needed.

6)    Facilitate honest, transparent and time bound governance with citizen charters and penalty to those who do not perform their work.

7)    Encourage honest businesses and heavy penalty for corrupts and crony business practices.

8)    Faster and more efficient JudiciaryJustice delayed is Justice denied”, our dedicated effort would be to have more fast track courts and better technology and infrastructure, to support functioning of judiciary in efficient and time bound manner.


Lot of my friends raising this question, so I though let me give you the strategic compulsion behind this – “Resignation after failure of JanLokpal bill will benefit the Delhi Janta most!”

Here it is why and how:

Leaving apart the moral responsibility and promise that he will resign if bill was stopped by BJP and Congress, there was imminent need to do so, else Delhi would have continued to see the same high-level-corruption for next 5 years.

An important thing to keep in mind is AAP was a MINORITY government, not the one with needed numbers in hand, else Arvind would have easily passed Janlokpal and Swaraj bill and would never have to resigned.

Even with hands tied, if Arvind would NOT have resigned then there were only two possibilities:

1) Congress would have continued to support the AAP Govt. for next 5 yrs

This was highly unlikely scenario, but assuming this is true and AAP Govt would have survived even after FIR against Mukesh Ambani and sending Sheila to jail (who is now Kerala governor, which shows Congress intentions).

Let us see, what would have happened if AAP Govt. would have run for full 5 yrs but without passage of Janlokpal Bill and Swaraj bill, the two important promises for which most of the people support AAP.


Without the Janlokpal bill and no police in hand, they would not have been able to send any corrupt neta (mostly of Congress and BJP in Delhi) or corrupt businessman (affiliated to BJP and Congress mainly) to Jail.

As the important provisions that require freezing of assets and restrict the dilution of evidences were not there in hand of Delhi ACB (Anti Corruption Branch) and after preliminary investigation the power to investigate remains in Delhi Police hand, which is notorious for corruption and at max can be passed to the CBI (Cleanchit Bureau for Investigation)

Without the Swaraj bill Delhi govt. hand were tied and all they could do was to try to work within the parameters purposefully set by previous governments to make sure to justify the misuse of public money via commissions (e.g. in case of Gas prices) or independent body (e.g DEC in Delhi).  And for getting passed the financial bills they would had to confront those 40 netas all the time, which didn’t even let Janlokpal bill tabled, and had taken away the speakers power so that they cannot be suspended for any “tod-phod” in Assembly.

And in case of any major confrontation with Congress or BJP, their Govt. would have been pulled down at any time.

2) Congress would have discontinued their support to the AAP Govt. after Lok Sabha Elections

This is the most likely scenario, as Binny has already kind of joined BJP, so their strength is now 34 and breaking 4 MLAs from Congress after the Lok Sabha election is no big deal, or even getting the Congress support once the Lok Sabha elections are gone would have been a very high possibility.

So, Delhi citizens would have to face the same problems everyday what they are facing now via BJP MCD (one of the most corrupt in all of ASIA, not just in India) and Congress govt.

In both the cases the idea of getting the Jan Lokpal bill and Swaraj would have been delayed by next 5 yrs.

So, instead of waiting for 5 yrs for something good to happen, it’s wise to go for re-poll now as AAP has close to 67% of public support in Delhi right now due to their 49 days of work. And as the election happens again they will win Delhi with full majority. And instead of depending on Congress and BJP MLAs for any financial or anti-corruption bill they can implement the two important bills themselves, which will benefit all the Delhi citizens.

And if any of the friends doubt this, AAP Govt. passed the order to dissolve the assembly and go for re-election along with Lok Sabha, but the Congress has kept it on hold via its Governor, and BJP is happy about it. Now as AAP took this to SC, by 31st March BJP has to send in writing if they are planning to form Govt. with Congress? And after that SC can take some action. And the reason Congress saying the govt dissolution was not binding because the APP govt. was minority after the Jan Lokpal bill was rejected in Assembly. So you can see what the intentions really are here.

There is another line of thought that they should have tried to bring the Janlokpal Bill after approval of Governor, the people who really think this was possible, I feel are too innocent or they do not understand how the political class work in India.

To understand this first you have to understand what the main provisions in Janlokpal Bill are – I will highlight the main four here:

1) Lokpal (lok Ayukta) has independent investigation agency (so no compromise in investigation due to corrupt police officials)

2) Speedy trial and strict jail terms for guilty (up to life in prison)

3) Confiscation of property of guilty and of his/her immediate family members to recover 5 times the loss due to corruption (imagine Lalu had to pay Rs 5000cr, instead of mere 5 lakhs penalty for Rs1000cr scam, his next 10 generations wouldn’t dare to think of corruption)

4) All the previous corruption cases (done by past govt., including that of past BJP govt and MCD) can be reopened and tried.

Just imagine you are a Neta and now have millions of dollars, all that plus your luxury bungalows, cars, jewelries, bank accounts, even of your kids and wife are going to be taken away… and you have to spend rest of your life in Jail (and as your money is taken away you will not have luxury in jail too), would you really support such a bill???


That was the only reason why Governor Clause was raised and so vigorously supported by BJP and Congress together, although the same clause allows the bill to be tabled and discussed and passed and then President can reject it on the technical grounds if found any. There are 15 plus bills in last 15 years that have already been passed this way and are functioning for many years now.

So expecting congress would have allowed the Governor thumbs-up without compromising the bill and  that too in just few weeks  is too naïve… It’s more than 3 yrs and the whole parliament conceded to Anna’s demand once after Aug 16th anshan, but nothing has happened so far (other than some useless junk bill, which ex-Judges have already refused to be part of)

Another argument is “Arvind wanted to campaign AAP in Lok Sabha elections so he resigned”

Let me first ask you, how many Chief minister have resigned for doing so in entire history of India in past 67 year? “ZERO” – it is because they don’t need to resign to campaign for Lok Sabha. Once the model code of conduct is in place, none of the CM can taken any drastic decision other than everyday’s on-going ones, which he can do so from home or from another city by signing some files.

Secondly, campaigning for Lok Sabha is not a crime or un-ethical or immoral or in anyway bad thing… He will have to try his best to send clean citizens like you and me to the parliament, else nothing will change for good in India. Even if there are just few clean and honest persons in Parliament they can question and prevent others from doing bad things. They can at least introduce good and honest bills in parliament if can not get them passed, to build the pressure on current Netas that people are watching them now.

Imagine the Anna’s janlokpal movement crores of people were on street and there was not even one single MP yesNOT EVEN ONE SINGLE MP” who was ready to introduce the bill in Parliament for which crores of people were on street. Life of 125 crores Indian can not be decided by just bunch of 520 people now, whose intentions we all already know.

So friends if you still cannot see beyond 49 days of AAP government, my another question is, whom would you prefer in case you have to leave your kids and family under guardianship of any of the political party – 

BJP Netas (37% criminals, including rapists, murderers, kidnappers) or

Congress Netas (26% criminals, including rapists, murderers, kidnappers) or

AAP Team (Engineers, Doctors, Professors, Social Activists, ZERO criminals) .

Now image you have to decide the same for 15 Crore families (68 Cr people) who are 100% dependent on the MPs and MLAs you will send to the parliament. Think about it!!!

AAPs Questions to Modi

Happened to read this blog circulating in Social Media about the replies to questions raised on Gujarat development model:


I researched a bit and seems like all those original 16 questions are very valid. I tried to post the reply on the above site but somehow it never showed up 🙂

So I am putting my reply here:

Modi supporters this is not to offend you, and I mean it, I am putting all the facts with link to the sources, after this digging I am kind of becoming very sure there is hardly any substance in Modi’s tall claims.

Here are the Questions:
1) If you become the PM, will you raise price of the KG Basin gas, which has already been doubled by the UPA government to $8 per unit?

Gyandeep: This is a highly speculative question, however, to answer your question, please consider these figures. PSU enterprises, led by ONGC produce two thirds of all gas production in India. Reliance produces barely 10%. Hence any rise in the price of gas will benefit ONGC the most, directly contributing in filling up the coffers of the state exchequer. Hence, your allegation that price of gas is being raised to benefit Reliance doesn’t hold ground. The price change in gas has been recommendation by an eminent six member panel headed by C Rangrajan. While you allege that all these experts are on the payroll of Reliance, which is really condemnable, you conveniently hide the fact that this panel was appointed by Shri Jaypal Reddy, the then petroleum minister, who is a known Reliance oppose.

Nitin: The question remains – is he going to make it $16.8 as recommended by Gujarat minister (son-in-law of Ambani family) or will he bring it down to original contract of $2.75?? Why not to answer a straight question, why to make “Jalebi” out of it??

Even if ONGC is making money too, why to give away taxpayer money for nothing to RIL and ONGC ?
As per contract RIL was to produce more gas but it ended up producing lesser so that when the prices are high it can sell the same gas for more profit.
Please see this video which un-earths scam in details:

BTW, as per wikipedia these are the facts from these basins, RIL have potentially 34 trillion cubic feet of gas.
As per the Ministry of petroleum, Government of India, India has 50.7 trillion cu ft of confirmed natural gas reserves as of April 2010.
so 34/50  = 68% >> 10%



This is what CAG Audit says about RIL:
The Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) was supposed to relinquish 25% of the total area outside the discoveries in 2004 and 2005, as per the Production Sharing Contract (PSC). However, the entire block was declared as a discovery area and RIL was allowed to retain it. In 2011, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) criticized the Oil Ministry for this decision. The CAG also faulted RIL for limiting the competition in contracts, stating that RIL awarded a $1.1 billion contract to Aker on a single-bid basis.[11][12]

2) Why does your government buy solar power at Rs 13 per unit? Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka are buying it at Rs 7.50 and Rs 5 per unit, respectively.

Gyandeep: Mr Kejriwal, as per the information of the mango man, solar power generation is a highly technological driven sector, and Gujarat is a leader in generating solar power. While rapid advances may have reduced the price of solar power generation, Gujarat- a pioneer in this field started quite early in generating solar power when such new technologies were not in the market. These agreements may have been made with solar power generation companies before the advent of cost reducing technologies. Please get some lessons in governance and particularly in economics, which states the law of demand and supply. Prices will naturally reduce when the supply outpaces demand. Hence, as more capacity keeps getting added, the price of solar power will reduce as per the same logic.

Nitin: Contrary to your claim here are the dates on this wikipedia here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_power_in_India
The first state to install the Solar power in India was Karnataka (2010)
Moreover the highest Solar production in India is in Gujarat and Rajashtan (due to geographical advantage), and its a simple rule of any business if the volume of production is high the total cost of the product goes down.
So all facts and common sense says the power cost should be much lesser in Gujarat than in MP or Karnataka

3) You claim 11% agriculture growth in state while your government’s data says production has shrunk at 1.18% annually and revenue declined from Rs 27,815 crore in 2006-07 to Rs 25,908 crore in 2012-13. Why?

Gyandeep: I am not sure what you want to convey here. Gujarat is the state that has given India a successful model of the cooperative sector and is the home of ‘Amul’. Holy Cow! Have you conveniently ignored the fact that a White Revolution has already being witnessed in Gujarat and milk production has boosted up by 75% in Gujarat since the last decade? If you research your facts properly, you will be delighted to know that farmers of Gujarat are 7 times richer and agricultural incomes have risen from Rs.14,000 crore in 2001 to Rs.96,000 crore, and this is the figure till 2011. Farmers have been the main beneficiaries of the development in Gujarat.

Nitin: These are plain facts given in question why are you again “Jalebifying” this in your answer?
Are you arguing that these number false?? Yes or No??

Amul in India started in 1946 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amul) The white revolution started way back when Modi was not even born. Now tomorrow you will claim Gujarat was established by Modi???

Here is the truth about income of farmers in Gujarat –
Gujarat cultivation income (Rs 13,968 per year per house hold) is way behind J&K (Rs 29112), Punjab,(Rs33,864) Kerala, Assam, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra (Rs15,156)
Here are the facts: http://www.jstor.org/discover/10.2307/4417784?uid=3738256&uid=2&uid=4&sid=21103689588613

4) In the past 10 years, two-thirds of all SMEs have shut down in Gujarat, especially in your home town Mehsana where 140 units out of 187 died away. Do you want to concentrate all power in the hands of a few big industrial houses?

Gyandeep: First of all get your facts clear Mr. Kejriwal. Home town of Narendra Modi is Vadnagar, not Mehsana. However, without diverting from your question, please note that India’s 5 per cent population lives in Gujarat which has 6%of the country’s land mass and its GDP share is 10%. Most of this has been contributed by the small and medium industry sector. India’s 70% salt production is in Gujarat and the state also leads in caustic soda production (90%); chemicals (60%); petrochemicals (50%); pharma (40%); and polished diamonds (80%). Salt, pharma and chemicals is largely run by small scale entrepreneurs and is a large contributor to national growth. Also, for your kind information, SME’s have attracted an investment of 17880 Crores in 2012-13 while it was only 3181 in 2006-07, a growth of more than 500%.The employment generated by SMEs in Gujarat has gone up from 76196 in 06-07 to 381083 in 2012-13.

Nitin: Nothing in your answer explains why did 140 units out of 187 units had to close their business?? And what you are talking about had been happening before Modi (except the 140 shutdown part in just one area) – please see the dates below its before Modi
During the period of 1960–99, Gujarat established itself as a leader in various industrial sectors, including textiles, engineering, chemicals, petrochemicals, drugs and pharmaceuticals, dairy, cement and ceramics, and gems and jewellery, amongst others. A post-liberalisation period saw Gujarat’s State Domestic Product (SDP) rising at an average growth rate of 14% per annum in real terms (from 1994–2002).

Here is whats happening in terms of finances in Gujarat after Modi:
The state ran a fiscal deficit of Rs 17,831 Crores in 2012-13 which is expected to rise to 20,496 Crores. The states public debt is expected to rise to 158,770 Crores in 2013-14, from the present 133,000 Crores.
Why is he borrowing so much and where is it going?? People or Gujarat are going in debts like anything…..

5) You claim to have eradicated corruption in Gujarat. People here claim that up to Rs 10 lakh bribe is demanded for appointment of a ‘talati’ (revenue official).

Gyandeep: This question is again highly speculative without any solid ground. Even then, let me tell you that Gujarat is a state that has won several national awards in the sector of E-governance, and this includes recruitment in the state government as well. Please note that the entire process of recruitment is highly transparent and is done largely online, and everything is documented and available in the public domain. I would urge you to do some homework on the e governance measures taken by Gujarat government before making baseless allegations. And I didn’t know that poor talaties were paid so well and are in such huge demand, that people are willing to pay 10 lakh to be one. Wild allegations!

Nitin: Lets check the facts here:
Just type “corruption in gujarat government” you will have lot of links with proof.

Even the son-in-law of Ambani family is Modi’s minister and a convicted person on bail for corruption is his minister… do I need to raise more red flags??

6) Your ministry has people like Babu Bokhiria, convicted for three years in a mining case, and Purshottam Solanki, accused in a Rs 450 crore fishing scandal. Why?

Gyandeep: Hold on Mr Kejriwal, please do a fact check. The case of Babu Bokhiria is in Gujarat High Court and the Honorable High Court of Gujarat has put a stay on his conviction. Please don’t convict anyone by staging media trials. In the case of Purshottam Solanki, the charges against him have still to be proved. Yet, as per my conviction, such persons are far better than your party members like Prashant Bushan, who has openly advocated the sedition of Kashmir from India. How can you justify this?

Nitin: 🙂 what to say here?? Was he convicted or not?? SC has stayed on the death sentence of Rajiv Gandhi killers, does it make them non-killers?? He was proved in lower courts and that is why he was convicted… and if the Gujarat govt. makes sure the evidences are eliminated over time then obviously…

7) Why have you inducted in your cabinet a minister who is the son-in-law of the Ambani family?

Gyandeep: Well, with due respect to you Mr Kejrwal, isn’t it unfair on your part to target any individual simply because of his background? What difference does it make? Don’t you practice the same ideology of satyagrah that was founded by the father of our nation, who attained martyrdom at Birla House in your own city, in the house of an industrialist? Does the word industrialist represent such a negative meaning for you Mr Kejriwal?  Do the industrialists have a monopoly on practicing corruption? Don’t you travel by a same Wagon R car produced by Suzuki- a Japanese automobile industry giant? Does that mean I can accuse you of being hand in glove with Suzuki just because you drive a Wagon R? Even if you rode all the way from Delhi to Ahmedabad on a Hero Cycle, with your own twisted logic, am I not entitled to accuse you of being in collusion with the cycle manufacturing industry? Give me a break Kejriwal uncle; you need to find something solid against a man who has transformed a state for the better by working continuously since last 12 years. If not, please have the dignity not to raise question just for the sake of asking them and instead focus on doing something constructive.

Nitin: Quoting from your sentence – “Well, with due respect to you Mr Kejrwal, isn’t it unfair on your part to target any individual simply because of his background? ”
So tell me how do you hire an employee?? or give raise to any person?? without his past credentials and work/connections?? Isn’t Modi asking for votes based on his past??
Here a person belongs to the same industrial family whose main source of income is Govt. grants in “Energy and Petrochemicals, Mines and Minerals etc”
is made minister of: “Energy and Petrochemicals, Mines and Minerals, Salt industries, Printing, Planning, Tourism, Civil aviation, Labor and employment” (even Labor and employment so that no one can revolt against his family business ever)
And suddenly the same minister is proposing $16.8 as unit price to be paid by govt. for the Gas which belongs to Indian people and whose cost to dig is $0.85 – is this mere a co-incidence?? I see BIG RED FLAGS here…. Modi found only one person out of 6 crore Gujaraties to do this job??

8) About 13 lakh people applied for 1,500 posts of ‘talati’ recently. How can you claim to have solved the problem of unemployment?

Gyandeep: Please note that people have the liberty of applying for any post and you cannot stop them from this. How can you relate this number with the unemployment figures? You yourself have been a top class revenue official. Don’t you know that Gujarat is one of the top contributors in the tax revenues and other sources of income for the central government? Where does all this money come from if there is no employment, no industry or no development in Gujarat?

Nitin: The total population of Gujarat is 6 Cr, do you think 13 Lakhs is a small number to apply for 1500, close to 1000 people applying per 1 opening. Does it really indicates unemployment is really low??

And here is a detailed article with facts and figure:
Gujarat unemployment figures remained same for 23 years

9) Why is your government exploiting young graduates by paying them only Rs 5,300 per month for five years on contract basis?

Gyandeep: Kejriwal babu, do you know the salary of a police constable whom you would have never even noticed, but may be entrusted with a job of following you like a shadow just to protect you? I bet it is less than even the Rs 5300 that you have cited. This is a state where entrepreneurship runs in the blood of people. People here are industrious and innovative that they don’t need the crèches of a government job but instead create enterprises that not only sustain them, but also provide jobs to scores of other people. As mentioned in your previous question, there was a moratorium on recruitment in the state government. In Gujarat, we don’t believe in creating a bloated and inefficient bureaucracy whose specimen you yourself were in the beginning of your illustrious career, but instead believe minimum government and maximum governance.

Nitin: Hmm, your argument doesn’t explains – first why to keep a person on contract for 5 yrs when the nature of job is that he is needed for more than 365 days(there is an article for this in Constitution to keep such people permanent)?? Second what happened to minimum wage law and quality of life for a labour?? this Rs 5300 is for a qualified person (a GRADUATE) for a teacher job, do you think paying so less to a teacher who makes future of any society is justified?

In India mean salary of a High School Teacher is of Rs 216,540 per year, and your govt gives close to Rs 63,600 per year – this is lower than most states. However the same Gujarat state has many Billionaires and their main businesses are those where they make money from Govt. grants (Power, gas, mine, minerals) and hardly out of any great technology… Gujarat govt. gives them Billions of $$s subsidy in LAND, WATER, ELECTRICITY, and TAX concessions.


Btw, this is the Salary of constable whose qualification needed is 10th PASS, NOT a graduate:
“Rs 5,200 to Rs 20,200 in addition to grade pay of Rs. 2000. Candidates will be paid all admissible allowances, which includes free leave passes, free accommodation, free uniform, medical assistance and ration allowance.”
If you add up all the allowance it would come around Rs 13,000 to Rs 40,000 (and this is a permanent job).
Just on side note: they need to have just 31.5 inch chest as requirement in most states, I imagine 56 inch chest would draw even higher salary 🙂
Read more here: http://entrance-exam.net/pay-scale-for-constable-in-government-jobs/#ixzz2vQ602zrZ

10) There are only three teachers to teach 600 students at some schools. What is your comment?

Gyandeep: This may be the case in some handful villages, but if you could have specified the schools and their respective areas where this is the case, then it would have been much better. Still, even if your accusation is taken on its merit, isn’t this situation better than hiring teachers indiscriminately without the considerations of quality and knowledge? In other parts of India, this is a huge problem, where teachers are hired, but who don’t even show up in schools. In a state as large as Gujarat, with nearly 18,500 villages, this may be the case. However, don’t compare this with your city state of Delhi, predominantly with urban population, which you couldn’t even govern for two months? Nobody holds a magic wand Mr Kejriwal, by the merits of which one can make all the ills and poverty disappear. But you should at least try to give due credit to the administration in Gujarat that has made positive difference in the lives of rural populace.

Nitin: Handful villages?? So Modi govt, doesn’t have the data of his own villages?? with just 5% of India population of a high-tech state, you do not know how many villages have how many schools and teachers. Then how can Modi claim to provide good education for 20 times more population all over India???

Your answer indicates you consider Delhi govt. schools are better than Gujarat govt. schools, that would imply even Sheila was better than Modi…

And btw let me give you a video of the schools in district of Ahmadabad:

Please see the quality of your schools in the district with top city of Ahmadabad, one can imagine what would be the real condition of schools in other districts.

11) Medical and health services are in a shambles. (Original Question: Primary healthcare centers in many villages are shut. Basic medicines are not available in many distt. level hospitals?…examples are given with address and pics etc.)

Gyandeep: Oh yes Kejri babu, the emergence of Ahmedabad as a medical tourist hub is not the truth, but must be the construction of the same paid media who is busy in glorifying you and your antics. I myself have seen foreign tourists arrive in the hospitals of Ahmedabad in droves, as it provides top class treatment at affordable prices. But no, for you, this to you seems just a conspiracy hatched by the foreign powers who purposely send medical tourists to Ahmedabad for fulfilling their own agenda. Needless to say, majority of them are from African countries, so one of your ministers, known to be xenophobic, may have objections to this. But this is not the point, Kejri babu. The point is Gujarat is the state where Mukhamantri Amrutam Yojana is in place that provides free medical care to poor and marginalized people who can’t afford treatment for life threatening diseases like cancer. But since you have accustomed yourself to live in denial, so be it. The infrastructure in civil hospitals in Gujarat is far better than any other part of India.

Nitin: Well again the same type of argument, give the real data for your claim, here we are giving you clear data, name and location and quality description… What you are saying is – on paper everything looks nice but in reality it would be same as these villages, isn’t it??

12) Around 800 farmers have committed suicide in Gujarat in recent years because the government has stopped subsidies and is not paying support prices. Your reaction.

Gyandeep: A Farmer committing suicide is a quite sensitive issue. However, as per my knowledge, Maharashtra and Andhra, both Congress ruled states, the very party whose support you took to stage the mockery of forming a government in Delhi, are infamous for farmer suicide. However, instead of reducing them to mere statistics, please take pains to dwell in the reasons behind such suicides. Isn’t crop failure one of the reasons? Why do crops fail Mr Kejriwal? It is primarily due to a lack of water. Please consult Medha Patkar, your illustrious supporter and who has been opposing Sardar Sarovar dam since time immemorial, the primary aim of which is to provide water to farmers and stopping such sad instances. Do you have any moral standing left Mr Kejriwal?

Nitin: Modi claims he has the best development model, then how can in such a developed state 800 people commit suicide in around yr due to poverty?????? And you want to blame this to GOD instead of taking the responsibility and doing something about it?? I have never heard farmers committing suicide in 60 times bigger more populated developed country of US, Canada or Europe… not that much even in under-developed states of Punjab, Haryana, J&K, Kerala, Assam…. why???
Why God doesn’t like developed Gujarat farmers but loves farmers of these states ???

You want to justify 800 suicides by citing Maharashtra and Andhra?? The facts clearly show the farmers there die because of the corruption in water/power nexus of politicians… SO you are implying the same is happening in Gujarat too??

13) Electricity is a distant dream for four lakh farmers waiting for years to get a connection. Why do you claim 24×7 availability of electricity? Farmers have not been paid adequately for their land while the Ambanis and Adanis have got it for just one rupee per square meter.

Gyandeep: What are you talking about Mr Kejriwal? Gujarat is the state that has successfully implemented the Jyotigram Yojana providing three phase electricity to all the villages in Gujarat. Well, you may dismiss this as another propaganda being manufactured by paid media. But what about the report of the Stockholm International Water Institute that has highly commended and praised the Jyotigram Yojana of Gujarat and accepted its role of positive transformation in the lives of rural population of Gujarat? Ah, even the Stockholm guys must have been paid up, isn’t it Mr Kejriwal? Only the Ford Foundation folks are honest, isn’t it?

Nitin: Again all your claims are on paper, not on ground. In that way Congress claims it has given the best corruption free years as not even a single neta was convicted due to lack of evidence so there was no corruption.
Again even after so much of claims etc from Stockholm International Water Institute who I am sure have seen just the road-map not implementation – “Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) commends the INITIATIVE by Gujarat” – they have not commented whether this has really been implemented or not…
So all your development is on Paper and on Reality nothing much? to show to world you show the businesses and houses of Billionaires, which surprisingly get implemented on time and of more cost than initially sanctioned for… but nothing much for common people and almost nothing for farmers/villagers… isn’t it same as any other state in India

14) Sardar Sarovar dam’s height was raised in 2005 but people of Kutch have not got water. Industries have been given water. Why?

Gyandeep: I think Medha Patkar, the illustrious party member of AAP can provide you with a detailed insight on this. Isn’t Medha Patkar the same person who is opposing tooth and nail the creation of Sardar Sarovar dam in the very first place? If Medha had her way, forget about raising the height, the dam would not have even been constructed in the first place. And I am not even raising the point of the innumerable benefits that this project has given to the nation, starting from the production of clean and green hydro electricity to the boost in agricultural production. Perhaps, the way you have been treating the discoms in Delhi, I think you prefer having a ‘candlelight dinner’ every night instead of bearing the bright and intrusive electricity being produced by the corrupt industrial houses.

Nitin: Again “Jalebifying” … come to the point – wasn’t the height of the Dam raised, in spite of Medha Pathkar opposition?? So the state money was spent and villagers were displace but the output?? All the arguments given in SC by Gujarat govt. was that millions of people in Gujarat will benefit but after implementation only few Industrial families are getting the benefit, at the cost of – taxpayers money, displacement of 10,000+ villages and tribes (with almost zero compensation)??
So is this the model of development??? Seems like similar to that of Maharashtra irrigation scam…

15) Despite assurances, the Gujarat government has not withdrawn court cases against Sikh farmers of Kutch who have lost their land. Why?

Gyandeep: I take the liberty of quoting Narendra Modi’ words in his Punjab rally on 23rd February. “This nation is one and every person is together: No Sikh farmer will leave Kutch. An officer can go but no Sikh farmer will leave Gujarat, and I am very clear on this.” He has categorically assured the Sikh farmers residing in Kutch that under no pretext will they be ever made to leave Gujarat. I think this adequately answers your concerns regarding the Sikh farmers of Kutch. Punjab Chief Minister has also endorsed and praised Narendra Modi for his efficient handling of the issue.

Nitin: Again a BS argument by you – he is also called “FEKU” by many people. So lets not take him by his word, but lets take him by his actions and results, which so far based on above say he has failed in real actions and results and had performed well only in ORAL.
Here is the substance I am giving to you – if he really means what he is saying, then why dis his govt. go to SC when HC clearly told otherwise.
And why doesn’t his govt. withdraw the case now??
See AK’s actions he withdrew the-hold-petition for Sheila in HC with in 49 days, he approved the SIT to investigate the 1984 genocide, filed 5 FIRs on Sheila, sent 5 officers to jail on corruption charges, started CAG audit of power companies in 5 days (which Congress/BJP claimed can not do due to technical reasons and other BS), provided immediate relief funds to schools for Ladies toilets, helpline for nursery admissions to help parents which actually immediately went functional and help parents pay only Rs 25 form fee instead of Rs 500, he gave relief in water and electricty, ALL THESE ARE ACTIONS, not AK’s WORDS …
And I take him for ACTIONS not WORDS, plz do the same for Modi too.

16) How many planes and helicopters do you have? Who owns them? How much do you pay or does someone else pay for them? Why don’t you make public these air expenses?

Gyandeep: Kejri Babu, before raising your customary fingers for blaming a man who has been working relentlessly nearly 20 hours a day for something he believes in, who in my knowledge manages just with a personal staff of a few helpers even though he is entitled to many more and who has worked his way up, washing his own clothes and cleaning the very office he used in work in long time back. Do you care to elaborate why you have failed to vacate your official residence that was allotted to you and you have been overstaying in your official accommodation that you got by the virtue of being CM of Delhi, a duty that you couldn’t manage to perform for not even two months?

Since you have reduced the political discourse to this level, let me- a mango man, pose you some questions to give you a taste of your own medicine.

Why didn’t you conduct a SMS poll or a delhi janta darbar before quitting in just less than two months to ask the permission of the very same people who elected you in hopes of getting good and corruption free governance in the very same way you held a SMS poll for asking their opinion on forming the AAP government in Delhi?

Why don’t you drive a Tata Nano instead of a Wagon R? Don’t you think Tata Nano is the true symbol of the common man whom you claim to represent? Or do you think that just because Nano is manufactured in Gujarat, it is not worthy of you?

Before going on a dharna, do you think of the inconvenience being caused to common citizens due to all the police bandobastthat is diverted towards managing the ruckus created by you and your party workers that leads rapists free to prowl on innocent women in Dehli- the rape capital of India? Who clears all the litter and the garbage that your dharnas generate?

You held the Republic Day celebrations at ransom when you were Delhi CM. Your thoughts on doing the same on International Women’s Day? If yes then why and if not then also you need to justify. Do you think you just represent the Aam Aadmi and not the Aam Aurat? Isn’t this question pertinent on International Women’s Day? Can women of India hold a dharna against this?

Nitin: Again “Jalebi”… If you think Modi deserves so many helicopters or planes then make a law in Gujarat, why to illegally and unethically take the favor from Industrial families specially those who get the business from Gujarat state’s natural resources (Power, Gas, mines, minirals etc)

Please give the real numbers and facts… and let people decide if Modi deserves to have so many private planes and Rs 150 crore house

== Some non-sense questions==
GyanDeep: Last but not the least, Mr Kejriwal, I am curious to ask you this. Are you a pass-out of National School of Drama located in Delhi?

Nitin: You are talking like a typical Modi bhakt now, making a personal attack and fun of a person instead of talking about the issues, this question is similar to what Nirlaj Kumar (ex. Delhi Commissioner) did in conclave in India-Today


Nitin: And here is my Question to Mr. Modi – “Why doesn’t Mr. Modi come out for public debate with common people and answer their questions on the spot” – isn’t he behaving like Manmohan Singh – shying away from any real public debate??

Edited: 17th March 2012

Found something more this time from Forbes.com 12-March-2014

Just to summarize: Gujarat ka Vikas – Adani is making Rs 5,013 Cr ($809 Millions) hard core cash for just signing few lease papers with Gujarat, the SCAM goes this way:
Adani get lands from Gujarat Govt (which are snatched from farmers) for Rs 1 per sq. meters and then it sublet this land to Govt. Indian Oil and other companies for Rs 670 per sq. meter….
Adani has, over the years, leased 7,350 hectares–much of which he got from 2005 onward–from the government in an area called Mundra in the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat. FORBES ASIA has copies of the agreements that show he got the 30-year, renewable leases for as little as one U.S. cent a square meter (the rate maxed out at 45 cents a square meter). He in turn has sublet this land to other companies, including state-owned Indian Oil Co., for as much as $11 a square meter. 
 Another tall claim about Farmers:
At a political rally in distant Lucknow in early March, Modi said farmers were his friends and he would stand by them. He also said he would “not allow anyone to loot the exchequer.”
But spend time around the villages of Kutch and a vastly different picture appears. This region was famous for its crops of sapodilla, a brown, fleshy fruit slightly smaller than a tennis ball, as well as dates, coconuts and castor. Area farmers say that that’s no longer the case. (Official stats seem to end in 2006.) Fly ash and saline water from Adani Power and a nearby Tata Power Co. Ltd. plant are spoiling the crops and making the soil less fertile, they say. For miles at a stretch the chimneys of the two power plants are visible against the horizon. Gajendra Sinh Jadeja, the 28-year-old head of Navinal village, says the Gujarat government took some 930,770 square meters of his village’s grazing land for Adani’s SEZ. Adani got it for 19 cents a square meter.
There are too many similar points please read it once you will get an idea why it is so important not for Modi  but for Adani and Others for Modi to win:



Happened to come across  Hertz Corporation v. Friend arguments in US Supreme court, below is the court transcript:


Putting some of my thoughts, which happen to be more in favor of  Mr. Schneider arguments that “Headquarter” should just not be considered as “Principal place of business”

First of all congress purposefully chose not to use the term “Headquarter” instead used “Principal place of business”, reason being they wanted to emphasize that the citizenship of a company should be of the state where it has a huge presence and this decision should be left to Judges in future (50 yrs from then) as they will be in a better position to decide based on circumstances of the case at the time.

Secondly, the cost and ambiguity associate with not very clear definition of “Principal place of business” is justified but it does not in any way support the argument that Headquarter should be the principal place of business. However there are more convincing arguments against it.

In practice, the plaintiff who is a common man usually just won’t file a law suit on big corporations by himself searching records on internet, but most likely he will first consult lawyers or law firms, and for lawyers predicting the “Principal place of business” may not be very tough or resource consuming.

Secondly, the “Local Bias” will be more prevalent and jury will be more biased towards a corporation headquartered in their community. Because historically headquarters of most of the big corporations is where the founders first started the business, and usually it is their home state. And people feel a sense of pride in having a big corporation or CEO from their place. Also many time most of the corporations have good relations with the community they are headquartered in, as many of them donate for charity or local causes. And since the majority of the business may not be in the same place as headquarter, it would be difficult for local people to understand any malpractice or consumer inconvenience the company actually causing. Given the above scenarios, if the plaintiff is from the place where corporation is headquartered, his/her preferences would be to have the case under Federal court, as the chances of fair trail in federal court would be more.

However if the plaintiff is from a place where Corporation actually sell majority of the products and has its most consumers, then the chances of fair trail are more if the case is in Local (state) court, since local people would understand the corporations practices better from the consumers point of view.

In another argument, since in last 50 years there have been very few cases (I am assuming based on the arguments from Mr. Srinivasan) where the jurisdiction had been challenged at later stage, it does not appear to be a big problem, which would call for making “Headquarter” as the “Principal place of Business”, the reasons for failure of the correct jurisdictions selection at earlier stage may be many other which may be completely irrelevant to the argument of making “Headquarter” as the “Principal place of business” and since reasons are not at all presented by Petitioner, we cannot consider these cases as the supporting reasons for this argument. Moreover, if the “Principal place of Business” would be made as “Headquarters” by Supreme Court then there will be lot of question marks on the validity of already decided cases which may be too many in numbers. And would cost more money and resources to reopen and rerun.

I believe the emphasis of a justice system has to be more on fair trail than saving costs and just simplicity.

Coming to why New Jersey should not be regarded as the Principal place of Business for Hertz, I think we should look into what exactly business in this context means. Does the business means just thought process, decisions or the real and actual execution? Business may originate from a thought and realization of a new opportunity, but what makes it a real success is how it is executed and if it has been directed on the right target customers.

For how it is executed the most important factor is where it is executed because all your presentation budget and resources to sell your product (workforce, advertising, sales, marketing cost) is decided accordingly, based on the likes, preferences and culture of the target customers and their territory.

And obviously business focus is mainly put into places from where it would be getting the most return from. For e.g., Wal-mart may be headquartered in Arkansas, but most of their executives, sale and marketing plan would be focused on Texas, their main success and sources of capital depends on how they execute their business in Texas. For e.g. any major natural catastrophe or new Wal-mart unfavorable laws particularly in Texas would affect the Wal-mart most, although the business might be booming in Arkansas. So Texas should be considered the “Principal place of business”, doesn’t matter if Wal-mart actually started or “Headquartered” in Arkansas. Similarly given the current circumstances Hertz business would actually be effected the most by California than any other state in US.

Moreover, Business cannot be measured in terms of “margin per capita” most of the successful business are all about the volume and not margin, i.e. how many payable customers the corporations can add; corporations focus more on increasing their customers as usually the margin is similar from all the customers. Given that California has the most number of people and most of them have the good buying power, most of the corporations focus their businesses in California. And thus it should not be any surprise why many companies can be considered to have “Principal place of Business” in California.

Secondly, we can draw parallel from wars, the battle field would be considered as the “Principal place of any war” not the A/C rooms where the top General would be sitting and making strategy.

Also the Principal place of business may change from time to time based on where the favorable conditions are and most of the focus of the corporation would shift there. Similar to the way “Principle battle field” is slowly shifting to Afghanistan from Iraq now.

Conclusively, by constraining the “Principal place of Business” to “Headquarter” we may end up creating room for loopholes in future which would prevent fair trials. Since the shape and structure of Corporations are dynamic and their products for the Society are ever-changing, so the scope of Laws and its interpretation has to be dynamic and left to common sense as per the changing time and circumstances, to help trials to be more fair.

Health care problem has become a cancer for the current society. It is something that is eating up the hard work of the majority of the people in terms of huge insurance premium, but returning nothing in turn.

Is the problem really a big? or it is just a hype?

Well by looking into the statistic we can immediately say it is one of the biggest problem, especially for a society in an advanced country like US.

Around 60% of the Bankruptcies happen in US because someone got ill in the family, not only this, out of these  60% bankrupt families, 75% had health insurance! That means out of every 100 bankrupt families 45 had been in complete insured state of mind that they are completely protected, same state as you and me now!

It means even though you have proper insurance coverage, there is 45% chance that you will be bankrupt in case if someone in your family gets majorly ill. So better come out of that pseudo comfort zone of yours! where health care problem is only of those people mentioned in newspaper or TV. It can very well happen to you at anytime!

Let us try to analyze why and how the problem started, because to solve any problem we must first get to its roots.

Assume there is a town where people do not buy health insurance as health care cost is not much. Doctors make a little more than average income and they are more concerned about patients health than making money. Moreover since people do not fall sick that much the supply and demand is balanced, which keeps check on the cost.

Now one day Mr Ronald comes to town with a wonderful insurance scheme, which has incentive for both doctors and patients. Mr Ronald tells patients buy my policies and I will take care of most of your cost and you can get even very expensive care for free under my insurance coverage. At the same time Mr Ronald says to doctors, you can ask more to the patients since most of them are covered under insurance schemes, insurance company would pay you how much ever you ask for. Obviously doctors will start to ask for more and insurance companies will start to pay them what they ask for.

Now when a normal person who got sick after a long time and had no idea about the insurance, had a real tough time paying to doctors to get the care he needed, the story of his suffering traveled really fast and obviously generated insecurity and fear among the listeners or readers. Now all the healthy and normal persons out of fear started to rush for insurance from Mr Ronald.

And Mr Ronald, now makes tons of more money than he has to spend out. Since he has successfully made a not so useful product, which was not at all need, a necessity of life of all the people in town, how? by inflating the cost of doctors, by giving doctors good incentive, and generating fear among residents of town that they can not afford health care without his coverage.

Now, not only this, once in the town someone sues a doctor for ignorance and jury awards millions of dollars to the victim of insurance. Wow a perfect opportunity for Mr Ronald, make insurance a necessary evil for even doctors/hospitals too to cover themselves against the emotional wrath of jury! In turn doctors would put the new premium on patients bills. Result, further raise in the health care cost. Which, Mr Ronald puts back on residents of the town in terms of higher premium and prays to have few more such ignorance cases on doctors! Not only this Mr Ronald have now devised other ways to save money by denying needy people, by making them sign certain one sided agreements during purchase of policy!

I am not a good story teller, but I suppose you got some idea on how insurance became necessity of the people. Mr Ronald became necessity provider and started to put one sided contracts. However another town, where Mr Ronald did not visit, is still happy and people are able to afford quality health care without needing the insurance.

Now, let us see the whole system of the first town from top. Everyone in the town, including doctors is paying to Mr Ronald a premium amount – a hard earned money. Mr Ronald keeps it in his safe. A small amount of people (very small % of total population) come and ask Mr Ronald to pay for them, so Mr Ronald takes out a small part from his safe to pay for those people. Now in this whole cycle who is actually working? People are working, Doctors are working, but who is getting rich? – Mr Ronald! who never works. Isn’t it strange?… Well lot of people would argue rich people don’t work, and yes it is true, others work for them.

Now Mr Ronald goes to other towns and ultimately covers the whole country and result! … you know.

Who is really responsible for all this? Well, mainly the residents of the town, of the the country, for being ignorant, for  getting enticed by Mr Ronald’s  persistent persuasion, for being fearful of their own imagination of bad and for not being united.

What could be the solution? throw Mr Ronald out? impeach him in court for designing such an ill willed system, where he takes away tons of money from hard working people and in turn not returning any real value to them? Well now its too late Mr Ronald is too powerful as he has already worked with lawmakers to protect himself.

So whats the solution? Well, work together! form a cooperative – a non profit cooperative. A system which would take your money not away from you but would reserve it for you, something similar to what I suggested in my last post – Insurance – An Engine to Suck money for no real work.

Or, ask your selected representatives to form and initially fund a public health insurance, to keep check on the premium that Mr Ronald demands.

Since Mr Ronald is taking in approx 100,000 and giving out only 1000 and keeping remaining 99,000 in his pocket, but the public health insurance, eventually, over the time would effectively take only 1000 from the people. So instead of paying $500 a month you would pay only $5 a month in few years for the same quality care. And you would be sure that you are not dependent on Mr Ronald for your health care. This will also make Mr Ronald to come close to 1000 in terms of money taken in from the people, due to healthy competition in market.

Note: I recently read, Obama is actually trying to form public health insurance, which is an excellent idea. However, in long run it may become inefficient, to counter this inefficiency he should in parallel encourage and give incentive to non-profit organization to enter into the health insurance business.

Other thoughts?

I usually believe in things which are simple and logical. This makes me feel more connected to nature.
Looking into the history of America it looks to have run in a more logical way then most of the other countries and the results are well known. Well last few years have been exceptions.

One thing that always intrigued me is the notion of Insurance. Insurance does not really produce any tangible product or goods. Then why should people pay for it to someone who has worked nothing in real sense.

The insurances are valuable to make people feel a sense of security but since there is no real effort required in giving insurance it does not justify private companies owned by few people making so much money out of it, just because they already have a big pool of money and they know how to play on peoples fear.

If you look at it from high level insurance companies are making money by convincing people that things can go wrong and selling something that does not exist in reality. Moreover during any catastrophic event these companies declare bankruptcies or demand bailout. And ultimate looser in any case are the general public.

This can very well be taken care by government either directly by means of automated computer system or indirectly by encouraging and supporting Non-profit organizations to venture into this field. I think later would be more appropriate.

If you add up the total amount of money the insurance companies have made so far it would always be more than they have paid out the people when in need. Because ultimately what insurance companies do is collect premium money from large number of people and give a part of it to few who claim and the remaining they pay to its shareholders or owners. In the entire process there is no value produced.

SUMMARY – Insurance is an engine which by doing no real work sucks the money out of masses and put it in few peoples pocket.

PROPOSAL – Engine like this should be encouraged to be run by non-profit organizations.

Why not to let the insurance be mainly run as a cooperative or as non-profit organization to help people keep most of their hard earned money to themselves.

Let us take a real life example:

I have paid around $3000 premium for car insurance in last 3 yrs and I have never claimed anything, what have I got in return? Nothing!…

Out of this $3000 may be around $100 is used to pay to those people who had claimed, around $50 to pay the salary of the employees and for administrative work and $1000 for Sales. Remaining around $850 has gone to few people’s pocket and tax. This certainly doesn’t look reasonable or right. Ideally most of $850 should have come back to me.

Instead let us imagine there is a new company Cooperative Insurance Of America (CIOA), which is backed by Govt. promise of fund supply if needed or initial money pool.

It’s Vision – let people have peace of mind and most of their hard earned money to themselves.

It’s Mission – it goes to market with a new Insurance plan, which is more of an investment than just premium payments.

Following rules/guidelines apply:
1) CIOA works and pays to its employee and executives as good as or better than the other Insurance companies in the market, to remain very competitive.
2) It has the insurance packages similar to other companies in the market and it evaluates, negotiates and sets the premium exactly as other insurance companies in the market do.
– Optionally CIOA has to produce certain preset results.
3) The net profit before tax of the CIOA is put into investments (community development, other businesses etc) on behalf of premium payers. So the remaining $850 and later on much more (as the people find it more reasonable the sales expenditure $1000 will go down drastically) as shown in above example, will show back into my account with CIOA
4) There would be set of policies and other tax conditions (to prevent loss and abuses) as to when the premium payers can cash their investment plans – I have worked out some details if anyone interested.

So, what am I gaining as an individual? – I know my money is not going into pocket of some already very rich guy. I feel that I am helping a system which is build to take away my and others security concern for bad times, and in turn we are helping each other and our community.

What is CIOA gaining – I and most of us would certainly prefer to buy insurance from CIOA, so it’s gaining business, it can employ more and more people as needed. It serves as a perfect example of Govt. initiative to help community compete with fake businesses which do not produce any tangible value.

I hope this gives a gist of what I am trying to say here. To really make this happen, we need – few volunteers who want to do something for community and a little Govt. backing and loan.